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NEPTUNE NED was born in the early 1930's as the spokesman for the MUNCIE GEAR WORKS COMPANY. The image of NEPTUNE NED'S head wearing a floppy fedora appeared in print advertising. He represented all the cane pole fisherman who preferred motoring around and catching fish rather than wasting time rowing in the hot sun. 
During those Depression Years reliability and low cost were the most important qualities for an OUTBOARD MOTOR. NEPTUNE's were easy to repair and maintain. NEPTUNE's were probably in the Top 10 out of 100's of brands available before the outbreak of WWII. Sears and Roebuck sold MUNCIE GEAR motors under the WATER WITCH and MOTORGO brand names. T. EATON of Canada sold the VIKING brand of motors made by MUNCIE GEAR. Other MUNCIE GEAR brands included SKIPPER, SILVER SEAL , SEA GULL, PORTAGE, GAMBLES and MIGHTY MITE. 
MUNCIE GEAR WORKS never restarted manufacturing large horsepower motors after converting to military rocket production during the Korean War. 
The MIGHTY MITE brand was sold many times, but ceased production in 2003.